Joy Revealed 
is witnessing G*d's miracles and singing a song back to G*d
in all the colored garments of your soul.

the many faces of joyous Joy

GG, DD & Joy

Joy revealed; It's Adar
Joy, Rabbi Miriam Hamrell, Julie M.
© Hal Jaffe

Joy & Eliyahu McLean (Rodef Shalom)
Portland, Oregon

Love my new heart cloak.
© Shira Solomon

Joy's African percussion gourd with cowrie shells and frame drum

Joy's Mazal Tov hat
Played at wedding on rainy day.

Joy's Timbrel Hat
Wear my heart on my chest and my music on my head.
That's my blesSings ribbons shaman timbrel.

Joy Drums for Makom Ohr Shalom
Mark Reden  2010

Feeling Joy
© Linda Badger  AT  11.28.2015

Timbrel of Joy
© Linda Badger  AT  11.28.2015

Joy's MBA Graduation Day Cap & Gown
University of Judaism  1994
(with Marcel, z'l, sick, MBA took 8 years...)


Revealed at Temescal Canyon beach
© Suzanne

Purple Hair Joy Selfie

Purple Hair Joy 
by Stephanie 1.2016

Joy Self-Portrait w/ Mobile Hair Ornament
Flower Child
© Joy Krauthammer

Purple Light Joy in Adar
© Ruth Shapiro

Revealed in dancing days

Dancer Joy Revealed

Joy Revealed as Vashti

Joy revealed playing for seniors at Jewish Home for Aged
© Shira Solomon

Hot Air balloon ride

Love Purple
© Carol Foley

Joy plays at wedding on beautiful day.

Yes, I really wear my purple wings into community.

Joy Jammin' at MOCA
© Stephanie Buffington

Joy Drummin' the Blues

Joy Revealed in ice cream pleasure

Joy hands on hands
AMOCA ceramic opening 2013
 © Samy

For incognito days...

Joy, Purim Chabad

Joy in goddess festival days

Revealed in prayer at Kotel Tunnel

Revealed at prayer 
(deepest I'd ever been & in the driest desert)
Kibbutz Lotan, Arava Valley, Negev Desert, Israel

Loving prayer 
Arava Valley, Negev Desert, Israel

Joy twirling
Marty's Bat Mitzvah on her blessed 83rd birthday

Joy To The World
Malibu mid-night bonfire
© Shira Solomon

Joy trespassing her own boundaries and fears.
Afraid of the water, 
I couldn't cross over Sedona's Oak Creek, 
but with the encouragement of a friend and a log, 
I did it. This is Joy Revealed.
© Nadav Sklar

Joy Purple Selfie Heart

Joy shooting Apple stools for 52 Frames talk by Yosef for Ted Talk
original photo by © Stephanie Smith

Joy Krauthammer seen on You Tube Ted Talk Screen Shot

Joy Revealed on floor of Apple store, photographing stools.
Seen LIVE from Israel in TED TALK, May 11, 2014.
Speaker Yosef Adest, CEO of 52 Frames.
© Ted Talks

© Ted Talks

Joy Purple Selfie Being

That's me revealed with charcoal.

More Joy

Joy Krauthammer

Joy Krauthammer

Happy Purim
collage by Joy

I smile as I play behind white feathers strung at entrance to a trendy store in The Grove 
that tourists desired to visit this holiday season.
© Joy Krauthammer   12.30.2015
Given a photo challenge:
"Shoot yourself doing something crazy in public. Capture your essence, the way you feel.

My essence includes loving (meeting) a good challenge, fun or serious. My essence pursues justice (Tzedek, Tzedek, Tirdof) and that includes being aware of Loshan Hara/wrongful slanderous speech. 
My spiritual soul loves wearing garments of purple.
The tiny bird in composite, shot this week at the grave of my husband, z"l, on his 10th yahrzeit, was pointed out to me by my granddaughter.
(Since the 1970's I've loved the elegant doves in Spanish artist Alvar's paintings. His art celebrates the joy of life.)

I always enjoy finding feathers (a long white swan feather in local Lake Balboa), but I feel pain if feathers are from victims of violence.
I attach purple feathers to my kipot/head coverings.
I think of feathers and I think of the only possession my beloved Grandma Ethel, z”l, brought with her to America from Russia on arduous ship rides over 100 years ago– her feather pillow that she gave to me. There is a destroyed feather pillow in Fiddler on the Roof. Grandma taught me to be careful with words. "If a feather pillow is busted, one can’t retrieve the feathers blown away, as one can not retrieve ill spoken words. If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all", said Grandma Ethel. She died in Atlanta, Georgia in 1988, age 88. I hold her in my heart. Grandma Ethel said that the Klu Klux Klan threatened to “tar and feather” her because of her kindness to the black folk, including Rev. Martin Luther King, obm.

What is my Essence?
My essence is spiritual, joyous. creative, sentimental, and connected in kindness, love and truth.

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